About Beacon 155

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Beacon 155 is ideally located in a mixed-terrain environment which includes a well situated hill that will provide you with hands-on experience of real-life battle simulation. No longer will you be a thumb warrior, sitting at home, alone on the computer. Instead, you will become a battle-hardened operator. Only here you are always welcome, as well as book of ra kostenlos you don't have any even!
Whether you want a full-on tactical day with battle simulation missions, or a fun day out with your work colleagues on a team building exercise, we can arrange this for you. Then you can show them who the boss really is.
All DS are first aid trained and are either Ex-military or Cadet instructors. All DS are also DBS cleared. We can therefore cater to a wide range of age groups. Players under the age of 14 will require consent from a parent/guardian. This can be obtained by completing one of our own consent forms which can be sent out to you.
We will be holding 2 games per month, dates can be found on the F.O.E’s page or you can book a day that suits you and your team. You can host your own private day with just your group (No less than 10 participants). 
If you believe that you have what it takes to be the best, then we can arrange a combat-intensive battle simulation, in which you pitch your skills against some of our battle-hardened operators. You'll find the best bingo real money app here, you have time to get it!


Skirmish days:- Set tasks or missions to be completed at any means or cost, last man standing is the best description.

Team Challenge:- For two teams. Task based challenges against the clock.

Combat missions:- Military Simulations type games. Entire day based upon a military scenario.

If you intend to attend at any day, please contact us on the contact page or drop us a line on our Facebook page. Please include details of any hire weapons/ Ammo or pyro’s required.

Join us on our Facebook community to see what we are up to or to simply issue a challenge.