The Staff

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In one way of another we are closely linked to the military and understand the mind set of those that are not connected. We work our very best to ensure that everyone has a great time here at Beacon 155 but we are also happy to listen to your constructive feedback which could help make your next visit better and improve the day for others too, all staff are First Aid trained. Only here you are always welcome, together with book of ra online altogether similar!




13 years served in H.M. Forces, owned Beacon from the start and been an  airsoft operator for 5 years. Has a deep mind for the big games and loves nothing better than to see things blown up. Don’t upset this guy cos he has the power to bring on POW’s.


Senior Marshal

Has served 17 years in the Army Cadets and reached the rank of SSGT. Been an Airsoft Operator for 8 years  to which 3 of them was a Junior Marshall and now has 5 years as Senior Marshall. This man knows all and sees all.



Has been an airsoft operator for 6 years and is now a field marshal. Currently a CSM in the Cadets and loves his Field Craft and is a qualified First Aid instructor and just enjoys the outdoors.



A long standing member of the team who likes to do deals with the devil via his Pyro expertise,



As a keen operator you need to know the in’s & out’s of every gear, piston & hair pin as well as a full whack of knowledge about the systems. Paul is our on site Armourer and will happily help you out with your faults, issues and upgrades. If you wish to upgrade he will help point you in the right direction for the right parts.