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Do I need to be fit?

No, but it does help as a lot of running can be involved, we don’t

run everywhere all the time but in the heat of the battle the

adrenalin will take over for you. Only here you are always welcome, as well as book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung mybet you've got no equal!

Can I use my own weapon?

Yes but if it’s a new weapon/player we ask to Chronograph your

weapon (Measure how powerful you weapon fires) and providing

that it is in good shape we welcome players with their own equipment. We also have weapons for hire should you not yet have your own.

Do you provide hot food and drinks?

Yes, we offer a lunch time Beacon Burger or if you prefere there are shops just a short walk away ranging from Greggs, Subway, BnM and Domino’s pizza too. We do suggest that you bring food and drink with you so that you can chill more on the lunch break.

Do you do night games?

We can host night games on request but this also depends on numbers, the more that join us the better the night will be.

Do I HAVE to take part in EVERYTHING you tell me to do?

No, this is your day, if you are wanting to chill for a bit that’s ok, we can’t/wont force you to do anything, it’s a fun packed day and it’s all about enjoying the game but be awear that we do have some more serious players that refuse to stop.

Im in the Army cadets, do we get a discount?

Yes, as an Armed Forces Veteran I hold all forces close to my heart and we offer a discount to all Cadets, Regular serving, Ex-Serving, TA/Reservists & Blue Light Forces. Please let us know if you are any of these and can prove that you are we will ensure you get a discount before you start.

I play on other sites, can I play at your site?

Yes, you can play at any site, we welcome those that are new and/or experienced players that have played all over the UK.

Do I have to be UKARA registered to play?

No, you don’t have to be but it does help when you come to choosing your weapon or parts. Retailers will ask you to be UKARA registered as this falls in line with the Violent Crime Reduction Bill in 2006 which later became an Act of Parliament. We can offer you a membership to UKARA once you have played a few games with us.

Player registration

To become a registered airsoft player you are required to take part in three games at the same UKARA registered game site over a minimum of two months, e.g. the third game being 56 days or more after the first.

You must be over 18 years of age, live within the UK and able to provide identification such as Passport, Drivers License or Bank Statement.

For more information please visit www.ukara.org.uk