How Can You Make Streaming Live EPL Today More Fun?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s also incredibly exciting to watch, especially live EPL today, both in person and on TV—but it’s even better when you’re watching with friends. If you want to make your next soccer game more fun, there are plenty of ways to do so. Here are some ideas for how:

Learn The Players’ Names

The more you know about the players, the more fun you’ll have watching soccer.

Indeed, learning their names is not as important as learning how to play the game, but it’s still a good idea to know them. Even if you don’t watch many games or follow your local team, there is plenty of other soccer coverage out there that will teach you who they are and what they do on the field.

Learn About The Rules

You’re watching a soccer game or live EPL today, and someone just got a yellow card for taking down the other team’s striker. What does that mean? And why did the referee blow his whistle when he did it? Learning more about how soccer is played is important to get more out of your streaming soccer games.

Cheer On Your Favourite Team With Others

The best way to make the experience more fun is by cheering on your favourite team with other fans. The excitement of the game can be contagious, and a group of people all rooting for the same team will make it even more fun.

Cheer With Friends And Family

If you’re like me, you have many family members who love watching soccer with you! I always enjoy sharing this hobby with them because we can share all kinds of funny stories about our favourite players and teams or just joke around about how bad some plays were that day (or even better—how awesome they were).

Find A Local Pub

Another way to make your experience more fun is to watch live EPL today in a place where other soccer fans are gathered. Find a local pub that shows the games, and then ensure that it has other sports fans who can engage you in conversation about the game or even join you for dinner. You’ll want to choose a pub with good food and drink and a good atmosphere.

Make A Friendly Wager

Hey, you’re a sports fan. If you’re going to watch soccer, why not make it fun? It’s possible to enjoy watching live EPL today and even learn something about your favourite teams—and yourself—by placing friendly wagers on the outcome of each match.

Here are some tips for making betting more enjoyable:

  • Make it fun. There’s nothing better than getting together with friends, sharing food and drinks, arguing about who has favourite players or teams…and then seeing who wins at the end of the day! You can do this individually or in a group; there are no hard-and-fast rules, except that everyone should have fun while watching the game together.
  • Compete against each other in challenges during each live stream. You can use our interactive features like chat rooms or polls during live broadcasts so that everyone knows who is winning at any given time throughout their viewing experience (i.e., “Who scored first? Who scored last? Who has most assists?”). This will keep things exciting and add variety to what could otherwise become monotonous after a while.”

Organize A Watch Party

Invite friends over to watch live EPL today with you and make it a party.
Play Some Music
Play some music that gets everyone in a good mood—the sports bar at your house should be equipped with plenty of options for this! If not, play whatever is on Spotify/Apple Music whatever streaming service you’re using that day.

Put Some Blankets And Pillows
If there’s enough space in your living room or den to spread out some blankets and pillows (or even if there aren’t), try putting down some more blankets so that people can lie down while they’re watching the game together (and ideally while eating pizza). This makes things more comfortable, which definitely helps when watching soccer all day long!

Have Interesting Snacks
Let’s face it, the most important part of any soccer game is the food. If you’re watching a match at home and want to make it more fun for yourself and your friends, here are a few snack suggestions:

  • Nachos (with low-sodium cheese)
  • Pizza bagels (make sure they’re baked at home)
  • Fruit salad (with no grapes or other sugary fruits)

Create Your Own Drinking Games

  • Drink when the team scores.
  • Drink when the team misses a goal.
  • Drink whenever you see a yellow card or red card (depending on whether it was for your team or against).
  • Drink whenever the coach makes a substitute, either in general or in response to something specific happening during play (for example: “I think we need more muscle up front, so I’m going to bring on this guy”).

Bet On The Game

Betting on the outcome of a match is the most straightforward way to enjoy your favourite sport. If you think Manchester United will win, then put some money on them. If you think Chelsea will lose by more than two goals, then bet on them losing by multiple goals. It’s simple and fun!

If you want something a bit more involved than just betting on who will win or lose, then betting on individual statistics can also be very entertaining. You can bet that one team will score first in a game (maybe Arsenal will score first) or how many goals each team will score overall (over/under 3).

And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious (or bored), there are also plenty of ways to have fun with MVP awards too! You could bet on whether Messi will be chosen as Europe’s best player yet again or go for someone else instead. Or maybe your friend thinks Neymar will win this year’s Ballon d’Or award, and you disagree; place a wager based on which one of these predictions comes true!

Play Fantasy Football

If you’re not into soccer but still want to get involved with live EPL today: fantasy football! If you’ve never played, it’s a lot like regular football, except each player has a virtual roster of players, and at the end of each match, they score points based on how their players performed. It’s a classic way to get friends and family involved in the sport while learning more about it simultaneously. You can join leagues online or even make one up with your own friends if they don’t have any other interests in common with you. And once again, it only takes five minutes every week (or whenever matches are).

Learn Some Chants

Learn some chants. When you’re watching a live sporting event, it can be easier to get into the action when you know some of the players’ names and support them by shouting their names out loud. This will help you feel more connected to what’s happening on-screen. Learning the chants is a good place to start if you’re hoping to become more involved in soccer culture.

You can also find other ways to get involved in live EPL today through your community—by attending matches, joining an amateur team, or even just cheering on teams from afar by watching with friends who are watching at home or at a local pub that airs sports events (but not all bars do this).


We hope this article has helped you understand how streaming live EPL today can be more fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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